The Story Behind Dr. Hall’s Recent Paper on Stress Proteins and Covid-19 Outcomes

Some time ago, Larry Hightower, who is Editor in Chief of Cell Stress & Chaperones, called to ask Dr. Hall’s advice about how to handle an impending dispute with the publisher of the journal. Dr. Hall provided his best advice, and then, as a thank you, was designated as a “consultant” to the Editor. Larry Hightower arranged for him to get a free online subscription and all the 2020 hard copy issues of the journal.

One issue was devoted to COVID-19, and after reading the four articles cited in his paper, Dr. Hall called Larry Hightower and said:

 “Those were very exciting papers, but nowhere did I see that anyone was using amounts of stress proteins to predict the outcomes of COVID-19 infections.”  

Hightower replied, 

“That’s because no one had thought of doing that.”

Dr. Hall was amazed, and responded that it was so obvious that there must be several people doing it. He was assured that if there were Hightower would know about it; furthermore the Cell Stress society had just had a three-day virtual meeting with a few hundred participants and no one had even suggested such a thing. Hightower claimed that Hall thinks about things differently from everyone else, and that his idea was very important. Hightower encouraged  Hall to write a Letter to the Editor of Cell Stress & Chaperones.  

Dr. Hall pointed out with some amusement that he was indeed speaking to the Editor, but Hightower insisted that it was important for all the readers of the journal to see the idea. Dr. Hall agreed, wrote the paper in two days and sent it off. It was promptly accepted for publication.  

Larry Hightower then sent the article to some of the authors of the papers Hall had cited, and a few others he thought would be interested. He shortly brought together a team of six international investigators who have started a project to test the notions in Dr. Hall’s paper and they are moving forward with the project. 


Hall, B.G. 2021. Stress proteins as predictors of COVID-19 outcomes.  Cell Stress and Chaperones 26:287-288

Cell Stress and Chaperones is an Integrative Journal of Stress Biology, Medicine and the Environment

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