Read the GrowthRates Technical Brief

Read a Short Summary of the Paper and Program that Has Been Cited in More than 300 Published Papers

As a professional microbiologist you understand the importance of accurately measuring the growth rates of the organisms you work with. 

The use of microplate readers has made it possible to automatically  monitor the growth of 96 or 384 cultures in microplate wells with only 2–3 hours required to set up an experiment that runs overnight.  

Yet the manual conversion of the resulting raw data into actual growth rates can take days of tedious error-prone calculations. 

The computer program GrowthRates reduces that time from days to less than 30 seconds and requires no programming skills. 

For a brief description of GrowthRates, download our Technical Brief. The brief summarizes the published paper and program that has been cited in more than 300 other published scientific papers.

We’ve also just released CGR2, a statistical analysis program that makes a perfect companion tool for GrowthRates.

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