GrowthRates 5.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of GrowthRates 5.0 today with enhanced functionality and support for more plate reader formats!

Improved Algorithm

GrowthRates 5.0 employs an improved algorithm for identifying the optimal time points used to calculate the growth rate and other growth parameters. Earlier versions often identified inappropriate time points when the well was, contrary to guidelines in the User Guide, inoculated at an OD that was less that 0.005 above the background OD.

In one data set that included 48 wells inoculated at low ODs earlier versions reported that all those wells had correlation coefficients R < 0.99 and most of those wells had biologically impossible growth rates. GrowthRates 5.0 reports R > 0.99 and realistic growth rates for each of those wells.

Support for Additional Plate Readers

GrowthRates 5.0 now supports an additional three makes of plate readers:

  • Tecan Infinite 200 Pro
  • Synergy HTX
  • Growth Profiler 960

If you are a current user, we encourage you to update to GrowthRates 5.0.

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