GrowthRates 6.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of GrowthRates 6.0, our flagship product.

Version 6.0 includes one exciting new feature and support for an additional plate reader that is perfect for measurements of anaerobic microbial growth.

New Feature 

GrowthRates 6.0 allows you to take advantage of calibrating your plate reader. Population or culture density is directly proportional to OD over a very limited range, up to about OD = 0.1. Above that range OD does not increase as fast as does the culture density, which means that OD is not a good measure of the maximum population density. Calibrating your microtiter plate reader accurately defines population density as a function of OD over a very large range and permits expression of maximum population density in terms of cells/ml rather than OD.

GrowthRates 6.0 does not require calibrating your plate reader; that is just an option. If you choose not to calibrate your plate reader, GrowthRates 6.0 functions identically to GrowthRates 5.1.

See What’s New in Version 6.0 and Appendix IV of the GrowthRates User Guide, included with the software, and available for download on our Support page.

New Format Profile

We are very happy to announce support for the Cerillo Stratus plate reader. The Cerillo Stratus is a compact (5.7” x 5.1” x2.7”), inexpensive ($3500) instrument that easily fits into anaerobic chambers and is therefore suitable for high-throughput measurement of anaerobic microbial growth.

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