GrowthRates 6.2 Release Adds Support for Additional Plate Reader Models

We are happy to announce the release of GrowthRates 6.2, which includes support for two additional plate reader models.

The GrowthRates program has received worldwide attention for its ability to streamline the analysis of data output from a range of microtiter plate reader models, often reducing days of effort to less than 30 seconds, with no programming required.

GrowthRates 6.2 introduces support for the Varioskan-LUX plate reader from ThermoFisher and the Biotek 800 TS.

Note: If you do not use the Varioskan-LUX or the Biotek 800 TS compatible plate readers there is no need to upgrade from version 6.1. The feature set remains the same in GrowthRates 6.2.

Visit the Shop to purchase an academic or commercial license for GrowthRates 6.2.

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