We’ve had some great customer response to our programs. Here’s what people are saying about our products.

Dr. Portia Mira, University of California at Los Angeles

Dr. Portia Mira of the University of California at Los Angeles, who has used GrowthRates for over 8 years and cited it in four publications, says

GrowthRates is phenomenal and very user friendly. …the user documentation… is straightforward and easy to use.” 

GrowthRates has substantially saved me time by providing output for 384 well plates in just 30-seconds. Calculating bacterial growth rates on excel, or some other methods, would take at least a full 24 hours for just one 384-well plate. During my career, I have run over 1,300 plates so the amount of time GrowthRates has saved me, equivalent to 3.5 years, is irreplaceable. “

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