Return and Refund Policy

Bellingham Research Institute will refund your license fee only under the following conditions:

  1. The licensed program fails to perform as specified in the User Guide for that program after having been correctly installed as described in that User Guide.
  2. You have contacted Bellingham Research Institute by email at info@bellinghamresearch.com to request help and we have been unable to solve the problem after being offered the opportunity to do so.

Note that the most likely reason for one of our programs having failed to perform is that it has been installed improperly. If necessary we will talk you through that process by phone.

GrowthRates may fail to perform because your version does not include a formatter for your microplate reader’s output format. If that is the case we will ask you to provide us with the make and model of your microplate reader and a copy of its output, either as an Excel or a text file, from a growth rate experiment. We will then create a formatter suitable for your microplate reader and include that formatter in an updated version of GrowthRates which we will promptly provide to  you at no cost. If we are unable to create such a formatter we will cheerfully refund our license fee.

Delivery Timeframe Policy

  • Immediate download if the license fee has been paid by credit card
  • Within one business day if the license fee has been paid via Venmo or PayPal.
  • When your bank check has cleared if the license fee has been paid by check.

Privacy Policy

We collect and store your contact information only for the purpose of informing you of updates to our programs or of new programs that we offer and to remind you when it is time to renew your license. We will not share that information with anyone outside of Bellingham Research Institute.

We will not either store or share any of your credit card information. We share your relevant credit card information only with our third party payment processor in order for them to charge your card for the license fee. They use SSL technology to encrypt your data for that purpose. 

If you discuss with us how our programs might meet your individual needs we will keep those discussions confidential unless you specifically agree that we might share them.

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